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How to Stop Water leakage from the Refrigerator? (general)

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1 year ago


When a refrigerator leaks, it must be addressed immediately. Before you can fix it, it is important to know why the cooling leaks. There are many causes for a refrigerator leaking. The most common cases are that the water may not reach the drain because it is incorrectly leveled or the defrost drain is actually clogged. For these cases, any owner can implement a DIY solution and stop the leak quite easily. Other reasons may include improper installation or damaged equipment such as cracked drain pain. These problems may require replacement of parts and professional help.

A refrigerator loses water when the water supply line freezes and splashes water continuously. It may also leak when the drain hose becomes clogged with food particles, vegetable leaves and other garbage and debris.

The clogged hose leads to a blocked defrost drain that eventually causes water to drain from the drain. In such a case, the problem can be solved by using a tub of warm water to clean the blocked drain in an interval of a few minutes.

The hose can be cleaned with a bent hook or anything with a bent end, slowly removing the garbage with a few attempts.

A defect in the water supply line or a shut-off valve in its open state can also cause water leakage. To get rid of this problem, the valve behind the refrigerator panel must be closed to remove the blockage and check for wear. The water supply line must be tested and repaired according to the problem faced. If you need a professional technician to fix the problem, contact Panasonic Refrigerator Repair Service Center nearby you.

Stop Water leakage from the Refrigerator:
Drain Blockage:

When the defrost drain is blocked, either by a food particle, a pile of frozen dinners, ice or some combination, your appliance has to work overtime again. Count the condensation that accumulates in the coils and, soon, the water dripping on the floor, as in the case of a poorly leveled refrigerator. Unclogging the drain should get rid of the leak.

Open the freezer and look to see that nothing blocks the drain along the back wall. If it is clogged by items in the freezer, simply move things until the air can flow freely, and then give it a day or two to see if the problem has been resolved. If the puddles persist, the obstruction may be somewhat smaller: crumbs or ice. In any of these cases, you must transfer your food from the refrigerator and freezer to a mini refrigerator or chest in the freezer and disconnect your main model from the wall. Then, remove the plastic plate over the drain whole and use a turkey or funnel source to discharge warm water down the defrosting drain. This should clean the debris drain and allow your unit to function normally once again.

Drain Pan:

Although it is the least likely possibility we are listing, this due diligence can save you a considerable bill from a fridge technician. Look under your refrigerator and remove the plastic drain pan below. It is normal that there is a small amount of water inside the pan, which will eventually evaporate under the condenser fan located nearby. But, if you can see that the water has escaped from the pan and has accumulated on the floor due to a crack, deformation or other form of damage, contact an experience technician (Kenstar Refrigerator Repair Service Center) to fix the problem.

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