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Product Design vs UX Design: How They Differ From Each Other (general)

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8 months ago


Have you ever caught a glimpse of a product, got your mind blown, and said to yourself, “what a brilliant idea.” “How come you have never thought of that?”

You get so allured by the product design that you decide to buy it. But finds out that the product is cheaply made and barely delivers the features that it’s advertised to do (the egg packaging corrugated cards).

Well, this is what we say is an excellent example of product design but with poor UX design.

And the opposite of it is also true. Some products that make you wonder how come a person has this much free time that he/she thought of making this not-so-useful product or how the product got approved. Here, I am speaking of the anti-spicy onion cutting goggles.

But, when you order the product, it becomes your go-to-device. This is an example of bad product design but great UX design.

So, what’s a UX designer? What is the role of a product designer? And what’s the difference between a product designer and a UX designer? Is product design the same as UX design? 

Understanding their difference is the most crucial thing that you should know. But trying to decipher it by yourself can be very frustrating. 

Trust me, I tried doing this. I will also share with you my pre-data collection answer and my post-data collection answer.

Let’s get deep into it and know the difference between product design and UX design.

Product Design vs UX Design: How They Differ?

Product Design

Product Design Definition

Product design is defined as the process where the designer tries to blend the user's needs with business goals to help brands become consistently successful.

Product designers work to enhance the user experience of solutions. They help brands to make sustainable products for longer-term business requirements.

The Work of Product Designers

Product designers make products that are uncomplicated and alluring. Their work is finely tuned to consistently perform well in the market. They assist in explaining product goals and creating a timeline or roadmap.

The product summary or 5-6 months timeline of product offerings and their features will be delivered by the product designers. This helps brands release successful products.

The Role of Product Designers

Product designers can prevent or reduce the alarming repercussions of executing designs and help increase and sustain gains. Throughout the journey of the product, they will advise the design team and shareholders on return on investment (ROI) and some minor details, such as the placement of interface elements.

Product designers also discuss and plan out the product roadmap in close relationship with the development and marketing teams to confirm the achievability of the implementing designs. 

So, product design is the process of making a digital or a physical product.

UX Design

UX Design Definition

First of all, UX stands for User Experience, and there is no general definition for UX designs. User experience design is a notion with many layers. It involves a group of different rules, such as interactivity design, visual design, usability, and human-tech interaction.

The Role of UX Design

The UX design role in businesses is to fine-tune end-user satisfaction through utility, ease of use, and pleasure offered in relation to the product. It’s all about improving the user’s experience while communicating with the product and making sure they get the value of what you are providing. 

In simpler words, UX design is the process of creating digital or physical designs.

The Work of UX Design

UX design is used very often, whether it is intentional or unintentional. A good UX design is created when we make design decisions that understand and fulfil the needs of both the users and the business.

Product Design vs UX Design: An Example

It's always better to understand something through an example. So, let’s look at an example to understand the difference between product design and UX design.

Consider two people, El and Mike. El is an employee at a UX design firm, while Mike is a UX product designer at a big company. 

You must be thinking, their jobs look similar right!

But, no, they are very different if you look at the responsibilities.

El designs user flows and wireframes and makes decisions like where the “buy” button will be placed for the user’s convenience.

Mike, on the other hand, supervises the app development his company is creating. His responsibilities comprise of monitoring the market and challengers and making app comparisons. 

Based on these findings, Mike will decide whether to add a particular feature needed for the app, like a registration page, or not. And Mike will decide the average cost and approximate revenue by implementing the new function. 

Looking For UX Designer and Product Designer

To initiate the best product and UX design for your web and mobile applications, hiring an expert UI/UX and product designer is a must. 

A superior UX and product design will make the user happy and satisfied, and thus the designer should have knowledge of the best and latest UI/UX design trends and how to implement these trends to the best effect and deliver an impressive design solution.  

A good UX and product design can transform an entire business, design, and in order to achieve a good design, you must hire industry experts who are well versed in the mobile app designing process. 

If you still haven’t found the best UX and product designers to work on your project, then we can help you. We have the right talent for you. We offer excellent web designing services.

Schedule a meeting with our team of skilled designers to discuss your project today. We will help you with our out-of-the-box design solutions and make sure that your product stands out from the crowd.

Lastly, we truly hope that this blog was a little helpful to you. 

Thanks for reading till the end!

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