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Job Portal And App Development: Cost, Features, And More. (general)

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1 year ago


There is a new trend seen in the recruiting business in recent years. With the evolution of technology and software, gone are the days when businesses used to advertise job openings in newspapers and leaflets. Things have been transforming drastically, from leaflets, and newspaper advertisements to job websites and now job apps.


And we also cannot ignore the fact that the pandemic has entirely changed the game for job recruiters and job seekers.


New World, New Rules!


People are using smartphones these days to manage everything and every aspect of their lives, and job searching is also among those aspects. Accordingly, devoted job portals and app development for aspirants are becoming popular. And it's not like a high-tech expert is the only one using these apps; users from all segments and industries can use these apps.


These applications are actively running in the market and experiencing great profits. Thus, organizations that are planning to develop the best job portal app to increase their business, are on the right track.


However, job portal app development is not an easy task. That is why we came up with this article today, to give you all an insight about job portals and app development, its cost, features, and much more.

Let’s have a look.


Features To Add In Job Portal App Development

Job portal app development is a multi-level process as it involves the collection of certain skills and knowledge in the job-search marketplace. Thus, to move ahead and create your job portal application, you have to identify the basic requirements of the application. Furthermore, try building an app that brings maximum value to end-users. Your job portal application should be secure and should be easy to use.


Below, we have mentioned some features and functionalities that you can incorporate into your app for better functionality.


Candidates Panel

Registration/Sign up with social media

Handling resumes

Governing profiles

Using filters by experience, place, keyword search, and much more.

Access a professional resume writing service

Push notifications for job alerts

Save jobs

Schedule interviews


Recruiters Panel


Work posting

Prospects through email

Resume filtering and downloading

Invites to apply for the job

Subscription plan

Admin Panel

Manage the advertisement work

Handling candidates profiles

Content management


Generate earning records


Some Advance Features For Job Portal And App Development

Strong Backend solutions

Document scanner

In-app chats

CV creation

Video conferencing interview

Ticket bookings

E-Learning courses

CRM integration

CMS integration

Real-time analytics


Payment gateways


Required Team For Job Portal And App Development

Creating a customized job portal application is a tough task as it requires professionals with related expertise. Therefore, it is important to communicate with a reputed customized mobile app development company that holds intellectual and skilled experts that aim to provide you with on-time delivery. You can also look for jobs in android app development.


The required team for a job portal and app development is given below:


Project head

UI or UX designers

Android and iOS developers

Backend developers

QA Analysts and testers


Looking for these experts and building a whole squad will itself take months and requires considerable investment at the very initial stage of recruitment.


Although, an app development company will already have skilled and trained staff, plus their own office and hardware.


So you don't have to train the team and invest time and money to get them acquainted with the company's policies, project plans, and processes.


Additionally, you will have to worry less about the technical aspects and you can be certain to get faster delivery of products (as the experts of the industry will work for you).


Cost For Job Portal App Development

Determining the actual cost of developing a smartphone application is a daunting process. An app maker also cannot offer an exact cost estimate at the beginning because app development costs differ based on the number of features incorporated into the app.


In addition to this, creating an application is a lengthy and complex process. And so most app development companies charge on an hourly basis. And the total hours in developing an application will depend on the complexity of the program.


However, according to guidelines, a job portal application can cost $40 - $60 per hour. This equals about $45,000 - $60,000 for developing an average job portal application.

Plus, the rate of app development can be affected based on the geolocation of your hired app development company.


For instance- an app development unit in the US can cost around $200 to $250 per hour. Similarly, an organization in Europe can ask for $125 to $170 per hour. 


And in India, you can easily find an expert app developer offering expert-level facilities at a lower cost. The majority of the application development companies in India cost between $25 and $35 per hour.


Summing Up

The increasing need to get the desired job has led to the growth of mobile job portal applications. As a result, there will be a substantial hike in the overall cost of app development in the upcoming years.


So, it will be best to associate with an expert mobile app development company today in order to transform your business ideas into reality.

For any queries regarding job portal and app development, feel open to contacting us.


Read in detail about job portal and app development here. 

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